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Our group has decided to end our series of 3.5 day coating seminars in Waltham, MA. If you are interested in a more practical coating seminar, we offer customized, in-plant seminars covering all aspects of coating technology. The levels can range from a lecture to a workshop format, oriented for operators, technicians, and mechanics. Sessions run from one to three days. Please see a typical two day outline under Seminar Outline.


After 40 years experience in technical and quality management, in coating and chemical  manufacturing, Larry is now consulting to these industries. He works with clients in the areas of coating process and product development, equipment specifications, manufacturing troubleshooting, process improvements and technical and project  management.
Jerry has been a manager and engineer in fields including generating machine specifications and installing film and blade coating lines, laminators, slitters and printers.  He was a project / product engineer for paper mills covering blade coating, color kitchens and flying splice systems. He specializes in multi-section drive systems and has published numerous articles on the subject.
If you are intereste in a higher level of coating, drying and web handling seminar, please contact the following groups:
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