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Larry Gogolin

We are a group of consultants who help firms develop coating processes and equipment and solve related process problems. We work with companies doing all types of coating application onto substrates such as paper, nonwovens, film, and foil web materials. We have been consultants to the coating industry for over 25 years. Many of us worked at Polaroid Corporation where we supported numerous coating and chemical operations.Our work includes seminars in coating, trouble shooting, equipment selection and coating house searches and evaluations.

Prior to becoming a Technical Consultant in the process, chemical and coating areas, Larry spent 23 years at Polaroid Corp. While there he managed the quality and technical support groups, developing and sourcing raw materials, optimizing processes on chemical mixing and reacting units and web coaters. He also led the technical group that contracted Polaroid's excess coating capacity to external customers and helped develop specifications and sourcing for new coating equipment.

Larry has a Masters Degree in Engineering Management and a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering. He is also on the AIMCAL Technical Advisory Panel. For more about AIMCAL click here.

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